Shooting Party

This project for me is one of memories, exploration and discovery, as I was born, raised and have lived in Breckland all my life. I have a profound love for the people and scenery of this unique part of the English Countryside. I wish to portray the people and landscape of this rural area, as I see them and love them.

‘Shooting Party’ is a series of portraits that presents an insight into a quintessential English game shoot. This series was photographed over the 2011-2012 game-shooting season, amongst 3000 acres of the Besthorpe Hall estate in the heart of Breckland. The current keeper of this estate John Alston CBE likes to preserve as much of the traditions of the English game shoot as he can, and all guns of the shooting party are invited by the estate.

By utilising the land for shooting as well as farming the estate conserves wild plants, maintains hedgerows and spinneys, as well as controlling vermin. This helps to preserve the natural wildlife and countryside of Breckland, as well as tradition. This series of portraits is not just about the people in them, but also about the picturesque area of Norfolk in which they partake in their sport.